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Lesion correlates of impairments in actual tool use following unilateral brain damage.

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Actual Tools: Sean Garrity Posted: February 27, Follow “The Hosting Blog” daily as hosting experts, programmers, and tech managers go in depth on a variety of tech-related topics.

Email TL; DR: When Software Engineer Michael Tretyakov founded Actual Tools in , his aim was to help Windows users increase productivity by enhancing their work environments. And the mission was a complete success. Today, Actual Tools offers an array of solutions, including multiple monitor, window, and virtual desktop managers, that streamline operations for IT professionals.

Inspired by customer feedback, these products make it easier to navigate and manage applications within Windows and empower users to get the most out of their desktops. With the highly anticipated launch of Windows 10 in , users were excited to see an extensive collection of new additions, as well as advancements over the less-popular features of Windows 8 and 8.

After the rather mixed reception by Vista, it became clear that familiarity and ease of use were among the top concerns of end users. But, by taking the best features of Windows 7 and the mobile capabilities of Windows 8, Windows 10 was still considered a vast improvement.

While every version of Windows has added new features, power users have noticed a few that seem to consistently slip through the cracks. IT professionals often run numerous programs simultaneously, making it easy to lose track of a window among dozens of open frames. Such a feature would streamline workflows and optimize desktop work environments.

And, as a result, many professionals are turning to the Windows enhancement solutions provided by Actual Tools that allow for this and many other functionalities. Actual Tools delivers a range of solutions developed to streamline workflows and increase efficiency in Windows. The idea is to empower Windows users to increase productivity and efficiency and help them get the most out of their desktops.

Since Windows is such a highly favored OS, many people are willing to stick with it despite its shortcomings. Fortunately, the high compatibility of Windows means that third-party solutions like Actual Tools are an easy fix.

In an era where a large portion of work is done on computers — especially in those increasingly popular self-employment circles — Actual Tools increases productivity in every industry that uses Windows. Actual Window Manager houses more than 50 desktop management tools to improve the Windows OS experience. Users involved in web design and similar niches find support for multiple monitors particularly useful, and Actual Window Manager delivers.

With its business model built upon addressing unfulfilled needs, Actual Tools is a people-centric developer on a mission to make the Windows platform more conducive to productivity. Several years and several Windows releases after its founding, Actual Tools currently offers 10 different feature-packed products to make daily computer work more convenient and pleasant.

Users collaborate and provide feedback on the Actual Tools forum so they can get the most out of their desktops. This forum allows users to directly submit feature requests that later become real solutions to their problems.

In addition, the Actual Tools blog regularly publishes tips on making Windows more work friendly. Aside from navigation, a number of Actual Tools products make minimizing and maximizing applications smarter. For example, Window Rollup offers a more intuitive alternative to minimizing a window to the taskbar, letting the user quickly recall the window with a simple click or keystroke. For stubborn programs that insist upon running exclusively in full screen, Actual Window Minimizer can minimize any application to the system tray.

Meanwhile, Actual Window Guard can minimize selected programs on startup, auto-close pop-ups, remember the size and positioning of windows, and even prevent the accidental closure of important windows. The most popular Actual Tools offerings are those involved in managing the operating environment and leveraging the full potential of its hardware.

With Actual Virtual Desktops , users can create numerous virtual desktops with easy hotkey access and custom wallpapers. As for navigating between multiple windows within a single desktop environment, Actual Window Manager contains several features for automatic manipulation — including setting default startup positions and process priorities.

Another top seller, Actual Multiple Monitors , fills in the gaps of the multi-monitor Windows interface by adding the taskbar, start menu, system tray, and task switcher to each display.

Jennifer told us the product is frequently updated. Up Next: New Features for Multi-Monitor Users For large offices, a common productivity solution involves the use of multiple monitors, each with a different workspace in which to move.

By using Actual Multiple Monitors, managing and navigating such a workspace becomes simple. The latest buzz involves the development of an automated audio-device switcher for users running multiple applications across multiple monitors. This new feature is able to bind audio devices to monitors, allowing for smarter audio playback.

When applications are used on certain monitors, the audio playback is fed to the bound audio device automatically. Actual Tools was founded in by developer Michael Tretyakov to help both home and business users work more efficiently. In the 15 years since, its innovative collection has won numerous awards from publications such as MakeUseOf, Software Informer, and Shareware Connection.

In addition, Actual Tools has received a flood of positive reviews and customer success stories. And some of the most respected enterprises in the world are turning to Actual Tools to streamline operations, proving the company is realizing its mission to enhance the Windows user experience.

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Actual Window Manager is many useful tools in one software. You can add. Actual Window Manager has more than 50 desktop management tools in 1. Download the current version of Actual Multiple Monitors or any of its previous.

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And by many other important and influential software and technology media websites, magazines, networks and blogs. What Users Say Actual Multiple Monitors is an excellent tool and a must-have for everyone with a multiple monitor setup. With Actual Multiple Monitors you can customize every detail of your Windows experience with separate settings for each monitor. Plus, it makes it extremely simple to switch an application from one monitor to another.

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Actual Tools: Sean Garrity Posted:

VIDEO: Actual Window Manager: Multiple Monitors, Virtual Desktops, Windows Control and Other Useful Tools.

1. Neuropsychologia. Apr; doi: /city.aura24.rusychologia. Epub Feb Results 1 – 10 of 10 Find Actual Tools software downloads at CNET, the most comprehensive source for safe, trusted, and spyware-free. Actual Tools. Actual Title Buttons · Actual Transparent Window · Actual Virtual Desktops · Actual Window Manager · Actual Window Rollup.

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