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VirtualDrive 11.6

adobe acrobat xi std
Adobe Acrobat XI Standard
Download Forget about blank CDs or complex operations to mount disc images because Virtual Drive lets you launch them on virtual units by just double clicking. With support for several formats and an unlimited amount of virtual discs, this is a tool that, apart from loading disc images, allows us to create CD, DVD and… Read More »

Alex Schepeljanski

Project Timer Tenda Nov 28, Projects required to produce bill so that the employer can see how much time is spent and how Magic Uneraser Monica Nov 22, Can recover any files like a magic as it said in its description, works on any file system of Professional Tejtuniya Oct 9, Hard disk is one… Read More »

PatchCleaner Remove Orphan Windows Installer Files To Free Up Disk Space

The Microsoft Windows operating system stores installer and patch files in a hidden directory on the Windows partition. The directory c: It lists installer files msi and patch files msp in the directory directly and in directories. Some of these files are required during updates or removals and should not be deleted while others may… Read More »

Drag & Drop Not Working For Apps Started Through Platform

Choose a platform Build, Measure, and Optimize your eCommerce Website Build and optimize your pages with Shogun, the most powerful page building platform for eCommerce teams and agencies. Powerful visual editor loved by marketers and designers alike to design landing pages, blog pages, and product pages. No coding required. NPrinting Designer Drag and Drop Not… Read More »

How To Block Incognito Mode In Chrome

It automatically removes your browsing history upon exit, thus thwarting website trackers from gaining a bead on you on subsequent visits. Yet most importantly, it helps you surf in private , which is absolutely crucial on shared devices. However, there are several reasons where the presence of Incognito mode can be counterproductive. Or perhaps you… Read More »

A Sony Playstation 2 Emulator For Your PC

It puts any PlayStation 2 game on your PC with the added appeal of getting to set up your graphics configurations as you see fit — often far surpassing original visuals. In order to set up, simply install the appropriate BIOS file for any regional PlayStation 2 — that said, they’re NOT loaded within this… Read More »

MiniTool Partition Wizard 11.5

Advertisement Editor’s Rating There are many benefits to separating your hard drive into several partitions, which will operate like different drives. Modern hard drives have many gigabytes or even terabytes of space, and it is a good idea to separate system files from other documents. If you have to re-install the operating system, you will… Read More »

Wonderputt [Game Saturday]

Share via Email Wonderputt is strangely captivating. Observer The browser gaming scene’s greatest strength is its variety. The last month alone has seen enough wildly different browser titles released to rival the diversity of a year of console game launches. Tanooky Tracks, Wonderputt, The End – review Archive presents WonderPutt. Play the new WonderPutt 3… Read More »