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By | 11.11.2019

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April Killingsworth. Modified by Rikki Endsley. I do most of my writing in a text editor and format it with Markdown —articles, essays, blog posts, and much more. I’m not the only one, either.
Download Markdown Edit® 2019 latest free version

State of Markdown Editors 2019

April Killingsworth. Modified by Rikki Endsley. I do most of my writing in a text editor and format it with Markdown —articles, essays, blog posts, and much more. I’m not the only one, either. Not only do countless people write with Markdown, but there are also more than a few publishing tools built around it.

Who’d have thought that a simple way to format web documents created by John Gruber and the late Aaron Schwartz would become so popular? While most of my writing takes place in a text editor, I can understand the appeal of a dedicated Markdown editor. You get quick access to formatting, you can easily convert your documents to other formats, and you can get an instant preview. If you’re thinking about going Markdown and are looking for a dedicated editor, here are four open source options for your writing pleasure.

Ghostwriter Ghostwriter ranks in the top three of the dedicated Markdown editors I’ve used or tried. And I’ve used or tried a few! Start typing and adding formatting by hand. If you don’t want to do that, or are just learning Markdown and don’t know what to add, you can select certain formatting from Ghostwriter’s Format menu. Admittedly, it’s just basic formatting—lists, character formatting, and indenting. You’ll have to add headings, code, and the like by hand. But the Task List option is interesting.

I know a few people who create their to-do lists in Markdown, and this option makes creating and maintaining one much easier. What sets Ghostwriter apart from other Markdown editors is its range of export options. You can choose the Markdown processor you want to use, including Sundown , Pandoc , or Discount.

Abricotine If you like your Markdown editors simple, you’ll like Abricotine. But don’t let its simplicity fool you; Abricotine packs quite a punch. Abricotine also has a menu for inserting a GitHub Flavored Markdown table. There are 16 pre-packaged table formats, and you can add rows or columns as you need them. Abricotine can automatically display images, links, and math. You can turn all that off if you want to. The editor is, however, limited to exporting documents as HTML.

It has a few features you might not expect and does quite a good job of handling documents formatted with Markdown. There are no menus or toolbars. You get to the commands and functions by clicking the stacked menu in the top-left corner of the editor window. It’s just you and your words. The editor’s default mode is a semi-WYSIWYG view, although you can change that to see the formatting code you’ve added to your writing.

As for that formatting, Mark Text supports GitHub Flavored Markdown, so you can add tables and formatted blocks of code with syntax highlighting. In its default view, the editor displays any images in your document. The output doesn’t look too bad, either. It has that two-paned interface, but with a slightly more modern look. And it has a few useful features. It’s not for everyone, and I’ll be honest: It took me a little while to get used to it.

Once you do, it’s easy to use. You get quick access to formatting from the toolbar and the menus. You can also change the preview pane’s style using one of 11 built-in Cascading Style Sheets or by creating one of your own.

You can, however, copy an entire document or a selected portion as HTML, which you can paste into another document or editor. Do you have a favorite dedicated Markdown editor? Why not share it by leaving a comment? I don’t take myself all that seriously and I do all of my own stunts. You can find me at these fine establishments on the web:

Free Markdown Editors

Supporting Mark Text. Mark Text is an MIT licensed open source project, you will always be able to download the latest version for free from the GitHub release. State of Markdown Editors I’ve started to grow a bit weary of my current markdown editor, macOS version is free during beta testing. Markdown Monster: An powerful, yet easy to use Markdown Editor and version – July 22, Markdown Editing and Weblog Publishing on Windows External Browser preview; Presentation mode support; Distraction-free mode You can simply download and install Markdown Monster from our Web site.

10 Free Online Markdown Editors

The most surprising and difficult to explain feature, is the in place live preview. In a nutshell as you type markdown it previews the text behind your cursor eliminating the need for a separate preview space. In addition to including some very nice looking css based themes it also leverages the power of pandoc by using an intermediary format behind the scene allowing you to import and export to many popular document formats including. The current version, 0.

Modern UI, Minimal Distractions

While you type, LivePreview will automatically scroll to the current location you’re editing. Easy Markdown formatting with keyboard shortcuts Ultimate simplicity Markdown formatting can be applied and removed with handy keyboard shortcuts and toolbar buttons. You don’t need to know anything about Markdown to use MarkdownPad!

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Markdown Editor. Mads Kristensen. |. , installs. |. 1,, downloads. | ( 62) | Free. A full featured Markdown editor with live preview and syntax highlighting. Supports GitHub flavored Visual Studio , , Version. Released on. 6/19/, AM. Last updated. By Paul Andrew on February 4th, Web Design MarkdownPad is a Markdown editor for Windows users. The free version offers basic functionality, and if you need additional features such as syntax highlighting, tabbed interface . Get our latest design resources and articles delivered directly to your inbox every day. Typora latest version: Make Markdown Much Easier with Typora. Thanks to Typora, markdown editing will be made a whole lot easier for a License. Free.

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