Goozzee 1.1

By | 11.11.2019

Website redesign and release of Goozzee 0. May 1st, Release 2.
Goozzee 1.1

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Website redesign and release of Goozzee 0. May 1st, Release 2. Properties can now have a type: This might be the main feature of this release. For the “Date” type, a little calender appears when trying to modify the property’s value.

For the “List of Choices type, you can now define your own lists of choices associated to a property. Please see the documentation about how to proceed. A Home button was added beside the History buttons, to go straight to this Homepage.

On Personal Edition, this Home button is visible too, and it leads to the Root page. For Network Edition, the initialization of a new database is now much simpler: Everything is done automatically from Goozzee’s configuration screen. The search history of each user is saved and restored when Goozzee starts. Plus some bug fixes, mainly in properties management, and in the ontology editor. Please see the Release Notes for the complete list of modifications.

And as usual, comments, critics and ideas are very welcome! Hope you’ll enjoy this new version.. December 1st, The main features of this release are: Improved UTF-8 support: This was not acceptable. The whole source has been reviewed to fix this annoying issue, and it now works as expected.

Better searches: It made searching non-intuitive: All these checkboxes have now disappeared. When you search for something, just type a search string, press enter, and Goozzee will always search in all the data: To keep search results clear, they are now spread over 3 tabs: And after displaying the search results, Goozzee tries to set the focus on the most relevant tab.

What’s more you can now build complex search queries. You can for example search for “bar” or “bee” and not “foo”. Please check the documentation for the syntax to use in these searches. In order to support UTF-8, an option was added to the user preferences window: By default, this option is activated. But if you’re using non-latin characters, you’ll have to uncheck it.

This is due to the fact the Mysql’s “Full Text Searches” only work with latin charsets. Desactivating the “Full Text Searches” fixes this issue. But be aware that once this option is unchecked, you won’t be able to build complex searches anymore. Finally, the search window now contains a drop down list that keeps the last searches you have launched.

Makes it easier to re-launch a search. Some work has also been done on the Ontology Editor: Some sorting errors have been fixed A layout problem has been corrected when editing constraints When selecting a class, the contextual menu proposes to open this class in the main window.

But the most important feature might be the least visible one: Some tables and fields were removed, others added, laying the path to future features. Depending on the amount of data your Goozzee contains, this update will take from 1 second to a few minutes. This upgrade is pretty easy to do: If you’re using Goozzee Personal Edition, before opening the main window, the program will advise you to take a backup of your data before launching the update just take a copy of the goozzee. When the update is done, the main window opens.

Of course, you’d better take a backup of your database before launching the update. Then, launch the new Goozzee and connect to your repostory with the administrator user. An upgrade dialog will appear, where you’ll have to enter the user and password of the administrator user of your database usually the root user. This window will connect to the database and launch all the update operations. When this s done, beware that all the other users will have to install the new Goozzee version, in order to be able to connect to the upgraded repository.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you encounter any problem with this new release. August 23rd, Website Update The whole Goozzee documentation is now available here online. Clicking the Documentation tab, you’ll get to the Network Edition and Personal Edition documentation pages. So that, if you want more info about Goozzee, you don’t have to download the software to have access to the user manual Release 1. This one brings two new little features: The user manual, that used to be a PDF file, is now replaced by html pages.

These pages are accessed by hitting the F1 key. This is a contextual help, meaning that depending on where you are in Goozzee, F1 will open a help page corresponding to the action you’re about to do. If you’re new to Goozzee, please take some time to read these pages. The first chapters should give you a good overview of what Goozzee can be used for. One feature that was missing in the text editor: This is now possible, using the search control at the right hand of the text editor’s toolbar.

A few crashes have been fixed too, and the source code got a serious cleaning. Please check the ReleaseNotes file for a detailed list of all modifications.

And as usual, your feedback, positive or negative, is very welcome! February 1st, Large parts of the code managing the properties have been rewritten, and should be more user friendly to use and less buggy: There is still lots to be done on this editor, but it’s getting better release after release..

This release doesn’t bring any modification in the database layout. So you just have to install the new client and it will fly. Make sure you read the Release Notes for a detailed list of the new features and bug corrections. As usual, your comments, ideas, critics, bug reports are very welcome! It mainly brings 2 novelties: Charles Castelain did a great work on the Linux build process, so that from now on, compiling Goozzee on Linux should be much easier, using autoconf and automake.

Many thanks to him!! Check the user manual located in the Documentation directory for the updated build instructions. On Goozzee Personal Edition, I added a check as repair of the database, in case of corruption. And the usual bunch of bug fixes and code cleanup Please check-out the Release Notes for the complete list. October 1st, Here it is: Please have a look at the Release Notes file for a detailed list. September 1st, This time, I focused on simplifying Goozzee configuration: And creating constraints was really tricky.

All of this should be much simpler now, thanks to a new window — the Ontology Editor — that you can reach via the Display menu. This window shows classes as a tree, roles and scopes as lists, and right-clicking allows you to easily add new items. The right part of the window is reserved for your constraints.

Right-click to create a new one, and just drag’n drop the desired classes and roles into your new constraint Please have a look at the user manual you can open it from the Help menu for more details about this new feature. I highly advise you to get used to Goozzee’s constraints: And, as usual, a few bugs were fixed.

Check out the Release Notes file for a complete descriptions of all the improvements. Comments, critics, ideas, feedback, bug reports, everything is always very welcome! Don’t hesitate to mail me at michel dot laglasse at gmail dot com.

December 1st, 2016

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May 1st, 2017

What is it? Goozzee’s goal is to offer an easy-to-use knowledge management solution, suitable for small teams or companies.

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