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By | 11.11.2019

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Motion Detection Get instant notification when the Camera picks up on any movement. Two-Way Talk Through two-way talk, you can deter thieves, interact with visitors or pets, and soothe babies. Low-Light Filter Observe sleeping babies, reinforce security when it’s dark, and monitor your pets’ nightlife. Siren Scare away intruders, protect your possessions even when you are far away form the house.
Home Security Camera - Alfred 1492

Download Alfred Home Security Camera APK

It’s easy and warranty. We provide only original apk files. Did you get a new phone? As long as your old devices run Android 2. Your old smartphone and tablet can have a fruitful second life and serve a new purpose!

Do you work behind a PC all day? Unlike traditional CCTV systems or surveillance cameras, you can place Alfred anywhere and change as often as you want wherever you need to reinforce security. Besides the cost of the equipment, these smart home appliances often charge a monthly fee. With Alfred, there is no complicated installation, IP settings, or contract. You only have to download Alfred to build a DIY home security system: Besides the capacity of streaming live feed of your home, Alfred keeps you updated on what is going on in your home with motion sensor and instant alerts.

If you see an intruder, you can scare him away by speaking through the walkie-talkie and immediately notify the local authorities. It works like an alarm. The videos are kept safe in the free cloud storage, and they can be saved or downloaded as evidence to help identify the suspect.

Alfred is an essential component of any home improvement or home automation project if you are interested in building a smart home or experimenting with voice assistants such as Google Assistant. Consider the following scenario: Unfortunately, so do the parcel theft cases. Tracking from the express company does not keep your precious parcels safe! If you check a crime map, you will see that burglary happens more often than you can imagine.

How can you deter parcel thieves? Besides becoming part of the Crime Stoppers, you should make Alfred guard the entrance of your place and keep an eye on your property as well as purchases.

Do you feel some anxiety caused by the increasing crime rate? Wherever you live, your neighborhood and city is safer if everybody has some security measures in place. If you are a renter of have a roommate, you might need a security system that is easy to set up and portable.

When you travel, you might want to make sure your hotel is safe. After all, if anything like snooping, breaking and entering, theft, car accident, or your landlord entering the apartment without your permission, the video footage Alfred records will be extremely helpful. Everyone is taking advantage of their unused smartphones by turning them into music players, GPS navigators, or fitness devices. So why not use yours as a security camera?

Some features of this app require Device Administrator permission. For more information, please visit: Check it out in our new icon and splash screen!

Now you can set up your customized routine for Motion Detection! We make reporting issue easier. Now you can simply tap the recording button to shoot videos rather than long press the button to do it. Tired of waiting when the Camera access is occupied? The new default setting allows the incoming Viewer to start streaming live video straightaway! You can also customize the setting in the new Access Priority section.

The Camera UI has been revamped to be more informative. You can now integrate Alfred with Google Assistant! Watching videos has become faster and smoother with the new video player. We also revamped the player interface to make it more intuitive. The process of switching between Viewer and Camera has been streamlined. The Auto Low-Light Filter algorithm had been adjusted to respond more promptly to ambient light changes.

For more info, please visit: An issue related to video transmission introduced in last version that could potentially make the live connection longer to set up has been resolved. Certain Samsung device models had difficulty playing longer videos smoothly.

This has now been fixed. Camera preview resolution is now better chosen to address the issue some devices encountered after upgrading to Alfred Premium. New in Alfred Camera 3. Enhanced clarity with Zoom! Find out more: Optimized video transmission with faster and smoother live feed, as well as less black screen.

Long events are less likely to be broken into multiple recordings. Trailing seconds without activity are minimized. For more info, check out: Bugs that prevented upgrades from being processed have been addressed as well. Premium users can now keep Motion Events for up to 30 days.

Download Alfred Home Security Camera Old Versions

Download Home Security Camera – Alfred (build ) Apk for android from a2zapk with direct link. Alfred Android Version (build )_latest version Introducing a brand new logo that presents Improve the performance of reconnection when Camera goes offline. Alfred Android Version (build /). Simple security at your fingertips. Everyone deserves peace of mind, so we made security easy and free for everyone. Home Security Camera. Pet Camera.

Simple security at your fingertips.

Setup in one minute. Pair your devices with Gmail. No IP settings.

How it works

Did you get a new phone? As long as your old devices run Android 2.

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