How To Use Imo App

By | 12.11.2019

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Gadgets Now Nov 14, , The app requires your phone number to verify the users’ account. Verification is done by either by a text message or by a call and for both, you need a fully working SIM card. So the question here is can IMO account be used without providing your phone number? The answer is yes.
How to use imo app

How to Use imo Without Phone Number or SIM

To add other chat accounts, tap the Add Account button and repeat steps 2—4. Setting Your Availability imo remembers your most recent Availability setting the next time you launch the app.

To sign in as Invisible, choose it before you log out. Click to view larger image Optional: To add a picture that identifies you during chats, tap the picture placeholder on the Contacts tab, select the stored picture that you want to use, crop the image as desired by moving and resizing the blue selection rectangle, and tap Done. When accounts are linked, signing in to one of them automatically signs you in to all of them. Click to view larger image Unlinking a Linked Account Linking initially treats all accounts as a single linked group.

You can selectively unlink certain accounts by tapping the account name on the Me tab and then tapping Unlink Account in the dialog box that appears. You can still manually sign in to the unlinked accounts whenever you like by dragging its slider.

Note that you can also remove a selected account from imo by tapping Delete. Click to view larger image To review Preferences for imo, tap the Preferences icon at the bottom of the Me tab. Preferences in the Privacy section that you might want to immediately review include these: Auto Start. When checked, imo automatically launches each time you turn on the phone. Because imo contributes to battery drain and you may not always want to be available for chats, you can remove the check mark and manually launch imo when needed.

Nonbuddy IMs. On the Me tab, tap the Sign Out icon and then confirm by tapping Yes in the dialog box that appears. You can also choose Sign Out from the Availability menu on the Contacts tab. Click to view larger image Starting a Chat Either you or a friend can initiate a chat, but you must both be logged into the same service, such as Yahoo! Click to view larger image About Signing In and Out If some or all of your chat accounts are linked, the act of signing in to any linked account automatically signs you in to all linked accounts.

If desired, change your Availability by selecting the Contacts tab, tapping the current setting, and choosing an option from the Availability menu that appears.


We will use imo throughout this Privacy Policy when referring to the imo . When you use our Mobile App, we may collect and store information. One of the most successful messaging apps in the world is Imo, and many people use this app as their messaging app to communicate and. Uses SSL/TLS security for chats, and encrypts voice and video calls ✓ Also use imo on Android, iPhone and iPad to avoid SMS charges – send.

How to create IMO account without phone number

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Salman Patwegar In general, imo requires that you verify your account by using a phone number. However, it is possible to use imo without Phone Number or Sim card, in case you want to do so for your own reasons.

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So the question here is can IMO account be used without providing your phone number? The answer is yes. One can use IMO app without the. Message service imo does more than let you text for free: It Skype, AIM, the list of messaging platforms you probably use includes at least a few of those. Keeping imo open on a phone or desktop means only one app is. Imo is a free video, messaging and chat app that allows users to communicate using a Wi-Fi or data connection. The Imo app is available for both iOS and.

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