Invisible Text In Platform 15.0.2

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Improved unsafe eject platform handling PortableApps Suite is a multi-language collection of portable applications integrated in a single menu that you can use to run directly from your USB drive or other portable devices. Multiple handy apps The suite installs different software on your computer, all portable. Among these, you can find a web browser, an email client, an instant messaging program, various Office tools, as well as some games. The advantage is that you have every one of these utilities at your disposal, without having to install each one separately.
Invisible text in Platform 15.0.2

Completed all instructions, but still getting adware pop-ups

Hold CTRL to launch apps as admin Large text in platform submenus on high DPI screens tray menu still affected Broken icon display for jdkPortable Delphi compiler to Black boxes around app icons under Wine Bulgarian, German, Hungarian, and Slovenian locales Custom platform security to scan for and mitigate DLL hijacks in: Swedish and Traditional Chinese locales Bundled 7-Zip to Simplified Chinese, Slovenian languages Access violation occurs if both What’s New and autorun.

Access violation if platform loses focus from initial What’s New or autorun. Windows 10 version information shows properly in About window Blank line when certain tooltip combinations shown in non-English languages Platform installer showed blank New vs Upgrade page in untranslated languages Properly update locales updated in The about screen shows Windows 8 instead of 8.

App closing attempting to close some apps twice resulting in ‘Save this’ dialog closing but no data loss Platform Platform can’t focus the search box, shows ‘Cannot focus disabled or invisible window’ error Brackets look like strange symbol when no name for drive in installer upgrade, cloud, local, and confirm pages FIXED: Don’t add or change desktop. Automatic app closing leaves some apps unresponsive, particularly tray icons Multiple error messages on app closing Platform continues to attempt to close apps and displays ‘cannot focus modal form error’ when apps still running that won’t close FIXED: Automated app closing incorrectly closes apps on platform upgrade Fixed on upgrades from Display tweaks to the ‘apps still running’ dialog Multiple PortableAppsPlatform.

Updater progress bar doesn’t properly progress with over 75 apps Legacy option to update browser’s start page Custom categories with unicode are lost on next run workaround: Apps aren’t selected by default in updater in screen-reader friendly mode, will be set to update all if no selection made. Window focus issues due to the inetc component menu minimize on startup before click when update check done, menu can’t be minimized on start during update check, etc FIXED: Beta PA.

Beta theme top border lost Manual, direct and automatic proxy support Closing Options resets the app list view even if no changes requiring that to happen were made Realtime and between-run monitoring of autorun.

Support for downloading 3rd-party apps while PortableApps. Updated doesn’t pre-select platform when screen-reader friendly navigcation is on Incremental platform updates not working in 11 Beta updater Setting StartMinimized to true while turning the taskbar icon off on Windows 7 produces a ‘Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window’ error.

Untranslated strings: KB of Error if you try to uninstall another app while one is already uninstalling. Help – Check for Updates wasn’t translated Incremental update support for updating apps: Some translations are too long in the Options screen. Stray debug message left in build Right click to remove and eject can also cause the crash when a picture is used.

Find-as-you-type doesn’t handle unicode characters or key modifiers Shift-1 isn’t! Some other characters may get handled incorrectly as well. Updater shows errors when running on startup. This happens if you run the updater while it is already running and it auto-runs by default now. Or attempt to run more than one copy. If all apps installed, Get More Apps yields “All portable apps are up to date.

Find-as-you-type launched Explorer windows Some theme and color combinations result in invisible text Note that versions numbers prior to Version numbers have been partially reconciled and the original version listed alongside. Options window widened for longer description translations 5. If minimized while building app list, platform will not respond when icon clicked. Not prevented from creating a second category with the same name. Platform automatically closes during upgrade process when upgrading from 4.

When adding apps, final box should not be “All portable apps are up to date. Checking for updates on startup results in an error that the updater must be launched from the platform. Prevent updater from being directly launch to avoid issues with language selection and installers not being silent FIXED: Platform doesn’t yet let already-running apps know of added fonts 4. Custom categories created with same beginning of name as existing categories Example: This is a temporary fix until file associations are integrated from add-ons.

Better hiding of “Portable” in names. Private browsing byApps. When showing hidden apps, strikethrough can show on folders 2. PortugueseBrazilian and fixed encoding 2. This will be fixed in the next release. Check for Updates on Startup does not work and should not be used.

If any updates are available, it will leave a hidden updater window stuck in the background and will block platform updates. If you use find-as-you-type search and click an entry with the mouse button instead of using ESC to cancel or ENTER to launch the first entry , the search box is not cleared and the menu remains in search mode until you manually change it FIXED: Updater Wrong Header – The updater shows the wrong header text while apps are being downloaded and installed.

Scrollbar cuts overly in applist. Trend Micro alerts that autorun. Installer will detect Trend Micro and avoid creating autorun. For existing users who have manually deleted the file, it will not be rewritten. Trend Micro processes: Some apps don’t have icons yet in the app store. They’re just not online in our repository yet.

PortableApps Platform (PortableApps Suite) 16.0.2

Download PortableApps Platform (PortableApps Suite). to your preferences, as you can set its transparency and the font dimension. is a website offering many free, commonly used Windows applications that have been specially packaged for portability. These portable. An application launcher is a computer program that helps a user to locate and start other computer programs. An application launcher provides shortcuts to. Platform Changelog

Hold CTRL to launch apps as admin Large text in platform submenus on high DPI screens tray menu still affected Broken icon display for jdkPortable

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An application launcher is a computer program that helps a user to locate and start other computer programs. An application launcher provides shortcuts to. Platform, Rare Ideas, LLC, , May 17, , GPL, Yes[ note 1], Delphi, No. SliderDock, Dimitri No Platform Rare Ideas, LLC 1 .. Wire transmits text messages and files; can make voice calls and be used for video conferences. [9] Many .. CS1 errors: invisible characters. Revolvy. Each release of the Platform includes bug fixes and new features. apps, Start the menu minimized, Hide taskbar icon, Hide search bar when not in use [] app store/updater/backup text not visible with high contrast Windows theme; REMOVED: Hold CTRL to launch apps as admin.

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