Perfect Keyboard PRO 7.6.6

By | 17.06.2019

Version 8. Stability fixes. New “Add command” window with commands filtering and categories.
Perfect Keyboard PRO 7.6.6

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Version 8. Stability fixes. New “Add command” window with commands filtering and categories. Macro commands help integrated to macro editor. Multiple options how to handle errors that occur during macro execution. Improved macro toolbars. Option to generate an executable file Professional edition only. Several new commands Excel manipulation, XML file manipulation, etc. New help file. Many bug fixes and smaller changes. Version 7. Macro text is passed twice during macro playback. Hot-keys declared as cleared not used were activated in Windows 10 in different situations.

This caused that, for example, list of all macros was suddenly open. Macros open in separate process caused that Windows context menus open were showing empty content. Macro menu now prevents circular sub-menus. Macro toolbars are properly positioned when enabled from disabled state. Minor fixes. Idle time trigger fixed. In some cases “Win” key was “hold down” after computer wake up.

Some small fixes. If text is passed through clipboard during macro playback then the keystrokes sending speed option in macro configuration does not affect how quickly the macro text is “pasted” to the target application. In previous versions the “Slow” option for keystrokes sending speed caused also the paste was slow. New lines enter “characters” in macro group description field do not cause macro file corruption.

The program is installed by default to user application data folder instead of “Program Files”. Macro toolbars submenus creation is fixed. In previous version an attempt to create a submenu button was reverted to normal button.

When floating toolbar has an “auto-hide” set to “on” then it is not auto-hiding when there is a submenu opened from this toolbar. The toolbar auto-hides again after the submenu is closed. Several smaller fixes. Smaller installation improvements. Macro toolbars cannot be moved by dragging a macro button. Added an option to turn off scope-based tabs switching on main macro toolbar. Shared macro buttons are showing in macro toolbars first then the private macro file macros.

Stability improvements. This issue was introduced in version 7. Fixed the problem with playback text macros “through clipboard” and also clipboard macros when MS Office clipboard collector is turned on Fixed the problem with multiple triggers assigned to the macro. Button text color is now either black or white depending on the macro toolbar background color darkness.

Additional minor fixes and changes. When macro is moved from one macro group to other it still keeps the same macro Id. Flying macro toolbars are only attaching to windows with title bar.

If macro or macro group has defined “Macro Scope” then this is indicated by small overlay icon on the icon in macro list and macro groups tree. When macro is called using “RunMacro. Default icon in the macro list now indicates how macro text is send to target application – either using clipboard or as a sequence of keystrokes.

Additional minor UI improvements. Fixed the problem when a menu to select from multiple macro with the same trigger was not closing when no macro was selected. Fixed the problem with generating FreeMacroPlayer file Professional edition only.

Fixed the problem when text shortcuts containing numbers were not triggered when numbers were typed in numeric keyboard. Fixed the problem with problem with macro scope definition ” NOT listed below”. Fixed a problem with editing shared macros file. Fixed a “Buffer Overflow” vulnerability. Fixed the problem with macro recorder not overwriting selected macro. Fixed a problem when macro recorder was not recording mouse events.

Fixed a problem when flying toolbars did not remember size changed by user. Auto-save feature was changed to only save file if the file was modified by the user. Improved launching macros from macro toolbar. Fixed problem with macro toolbar size persistency. Fixed a problem when macros ocassionaly caused MS Word to crash.

Improved “paste through clipboard” option so that passing macro text using clipboard is faster and more reliable – sometimes it happend that instead of macro text the last text in clipboard was pasted. Fixed a problem that caused “clipboard macro” data were on certain circumstances lost from macro file. Flying macro toolbars are improved so that they can now attach also to child windows title bar were attaching only to main window title bar before.

Logging functionality was extended so that more information – for exmaple macro trigger that started macro – is logged. Macro recorder was fixed to record macros more reliably. All executables in the installation file are digitally signed now. This option allows to wait until web browser finishes loading of a web page after a link is clicked. Fixed a problem when text shortcuts did not properly react in Excel, OneNote and perhaps other programs.

Fixed a problem when multiple instances of the program could be started. Fixed a problem when macro syntax was false recognized as invalid. Added “confirm password” field to “lock mode” dialog. Improved new version notification window. It is possible to directly download new version or go to this page to read what is new first. Fixed a problem when Shift or other control keys remained in “pressed” state after macro was started using a hot-key. Fixed “run as a different user” option.

Fixed a problem with. When “wait for application exit” option was set the system hung up. Fixed macro import when import file was saved as “Unix” or “Mac” has different end-of-line. Fixed a syntax error when a command last parameter was empty. Time schedule trigger can wake up computer before macro is started. It is now possible to schedule macros that will be started also at the time when computer is in sleep or hibernate mode.

It is not necessary to release control key to repeatedly start macro using hot key. Standard Edition can run Basic Script scripts. Fixed a problem when macros running in Excel sometimes caused the Excel to crashed. Mouse buttons are not automatically released after macro is finished.

Fixed a problem when extended hot keys sometimes reacted after too long time. Performance was improved, the program does not consume CPU when active windows are switched.

HTML export improved and an option to export all macro attributes was added. Added support for mouse wheel, including macro recorder. Added “disable” menu item to folder and macro context menus. Fixed screensaver related commands.

Fixed a problem when window was not properly activated before macro was started. Fixed a problem with indexing macro variable in arrays when variable index is “01” or “02” instead of “1” or “2”. Fixed a problem with mouse triggers on dual screen computers Fixed a problem when the program sometimes did not start minimized to tray as defined in settings. Fixed program crash when opening an old version file. Only enabled macros show in macro toolbar as buttons. Fixed macro toolbars behavior on dual screen computers.

Fixed a problem with expression evaluation. Fixed a problem when clipboard macros content was not loaded if macro file was “read only”. Many other smaller changes and fixes

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Added an option (Pro only) to define what macro files to be loaded on the program startup. Some programs (Firefox, for example) do not cooperate with Perfect Keyboard and Macro Toolworks if they .. Version – November 10, Apr 29, Name: Macro Toolworks Version: Pro OS: Windows Type: Bot Macros recorded in macro recorder (both keyboard recorder and. Get Perfect Keyboard Professional Cracked Free Download · whisky IM Tools Get Macro Toolworks Pro Cracked Free Download · whisky IM Tools.

The utility allows you to quickly and effortlessly create a broad range of automation macros which are compatible with almost all Windows applications, and then easily launch them just by using hotkeys or various keyboard shortcuts. In addition, the utility includes a highly efficient auto-complete function which can be used in a vast array of situations. The Macro Editor and Macro Recorder functions integrated into this application will simplify and accelerate the creation of new macros. The created macros can consist from mouse clicks, keystrokes, or macro commands. The application provides more than integrated macro commands.

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Together, they scream obscene power. I currently use it inside VE Pro, and it works great as well. You can definitely map your samples the way you want.

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The IFP PRO is referred to as “PRO device”. At some the display are perfect. It is therefore . Do not write on the keyboard to label the function keys. Ethernet. Ethernet RJ45 interface. Pin no. Short description. Meaning. Perfect Keyboard Profesional. Macro Expert Enterprise Build Macro Toolworks Pro Mini Mouse Macro v Perfect Keyboard Added an option (Pro only) to define what macro files to be loaded on the program startup. Some programs (Firefox, for example) do not cooperate with Perfect Keyboard and Macro Toolworks if they .. Version – November 10,

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