PortableApps.com Installer 0.91.0 And PortableApps.com Format 0.91

By | 08.09.2019

The PortableApps. It features: This update of the PortableApps.
PortableApps.com Installer 0.91.0 and PortableApps.com Format 0.91

PortableApps.com Installer

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Updated to PA. Google Chrome Extension gallery is live! Installer now shows the version of Chrome being downloaded. Updated the sample INI with some new notes.

Changes to Portable Passwords to improve security and prevent possible vulnerabilities. If you were previously using Portable Passwords you will need to import your passwords to Chrome before updating, see the sample INI for notes on how to keep your saved passwords.

Fixed bug in NSIS plugin where memory was freed twice oops. This may be useful if you already use an encryption solution such as TrueCrupt to protect your PortableApps and have no need for additional protection. This is also removes the need for a master password. Installer window no longer shows. DialogEx is used instead for the master password prompt. Tidied up some things in the launcher code all language strings are in the appropriate NSH now. Updated to PAF 1. Fixed network paths not working with the theme path fixer.

Note that running from a network folder is not supported. If you encounter problems, try mapping a drive letter to the folder and running GCP from there. Passwords can now be preserved accross user accounts and computers by setting PortablePasswords to true in GoogleChromePortable. You will need to provide a master password as an alternative to Chrome’s built-in encryption to keep your passwords safe.

See GoogleChromePortable. Splash screen can now be removed from the launcher by commenting out an! It was possible that, if a problem occurred restoring the local RLZ registry key, the portable RLZ data would not be wiped. The portable RLZ data is now always wiped. Updated docs to reflect that the 4.

Fixed bug where themes would stop working when GCP’s path or drive letter changed. Added support for PortableApps. On request of PA community, did more agressive cleanup of registry keys and directories left behind after quitting. Backup and restore local Chrome’s unique identifier information used for collecting usage data. Updated launcher crash cleanup guide. Fixed help links to point to Google Chrome Portable page.

Pinned PortableApps. Removed “don’t set as default browser” release note since we use DefaultData now. Chrome occasionally spits out a debug. This is now cleaned up on close. Fixed bug where RunLocally was forced to true. Fixed bug where RunLocally would not copy some theme images back on close, causing theming problems.

Removed Java Portable support as per John Haller’s request. However without the Java Portable support, it will only be able to utilize a locally installed Java. The security risk lies from the plugin possibly using an outdated, exploitable Java installed locally.

Replaced tagline with one from a catchy Google Chrome Japan commercial I like. I keep calling “Java Portable” “Portable Java”. Maybe I subconsciously like the old naming sceme?

Regardless, fixed. Fixed GoogleChromePortable. Updated list of compressable DLLs. Added help topics on experimental features and the switches uses to activate them. Minor help changes. If not the Java Portable should be utilized. Cleaned up launcher by using LogicLib. Eliminated the need for version. Removed a couple files left over from the old installer. Added more release notes to help fill in the gaps the old installer used to fill.

Less options. You can now opt to not install any Chrome version automatically, if you want to do it yourself. The installer will no longer automatically advance past the installation progress dialog so you can copy any errors that occur for an error report. Fixed appinfo.

Compiling the launcher now requires this plugin. INI file reading is now more forgiving of missing entries it will fall back to defaults for every missing entry. RunLocally is now OFF by default for privacy concerns, as passwords and other sensitive information could be recoverable on the local computer you run Google Chrome Portable on if RunLocally is on.

Use this GoogleChomePortable. Bunch of other bug fixes relating to stuff being broken. Updated download. This installer will now preserve plugins when updating an existing installation. Minor typo fix. Chrome 0. Added ability to download Chrome installer. Due to the way Google organizes the installers, I have to hard-code a specific version.

Added proper Chromium icon from Chromium. Launcher will now back up and restore the “Open With” keys Google Chrome creates deleting them if the Portable copy created them.

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None – city.aura24.ru Format application that runs without installation. A future release of Java Portable or the city.aura24.ru Platform may add the See the file in Other\Source for more info, you can use it as a template in the .. Updated to city.aura24.ru Installer ; Added help file modeled (OK so. city.aura24.ru: Portable Software/USBプロジェクトが以下のファイルを新規に Installer/city.aura24.ru Installer /PortableApps. . com_Application_Template_zip · /city.aura24.ru Template/PortableApps.

PortableApps.com Installer 0.91.0 and PortableApps.com Format 0.91

Updated to PA. Google Chrome Extension gallery is live! Installer now shows the version of Chrome being downloaded.

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