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Google Chrome Portable 16.0.912.77 Stable (web Browser)

A2ZTorrent Each of us has a preferred browser and we like to access certain websites on a regular basis. This is why a portable browser is the ideal choice to keep our favorite webpages at hand, while still retaining the reassuring feeling of working with a familiar browser. Google Chrome Portable is among the first… Read More »

Turn Off The Lights For Chrome

Th ht Exceptional care and experience to help you create the perfect memorial. A family-owned business proudly based in Northland, the Robinson team are able to create and install memorials throughout Northland and North-Auckland. Our high quality granite products are expertly shaped by our qualified stonemason to ensure a lifelong, enduring memorial for your loved… Read More »

Where Download Gimp 2.6.7

GIMP 2. It features changes to the user interface addressing some often received complaints, and a tentative integration of GEGL, the graph based image processing library that will eventually bring high bit-depth and non-destructive editing to GIMP. To be able to do this a window called the empty image window has been introduced. It hosts… Read More »

Ie8 Update For Windows 7

Beginning next Tuesday, January 12, Microsoft will officially retire Internet Explorer versions 8, 9, and 10 for most Windows operating systems, according to a Microsoft support page. Internet Explorer 11 will be the only officially supported version of the browser for Windows 7, 8. The only exception will be Windows Vista users, who will stick… Read More »

How To Configure System Wide Website Shortcuts In Windows

Each window on the desktop should have name and class resources associated with it. Some applications also have a window role resource. They can be determined using the xprop utility. In this case precede the dot with the backslash character. Class as its class value and for this combination we set option to argument. Windows… Read More »