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Download Easy Date Converter 9.01 – An Advanced And Reliable Date Arithmetic And Date Conversion Uti

We have not, and the underwriters have not, authorized anyone to provide any information or to make any representations other than those contained in this prospectus or in any free writing prospectus prepared by or on behalf of us. We and the underwriters take no responsibility for, and can provide no assurance as to the… Read More »

Download AlbumPlayer 6.0 – A Small Program Which Will Let You Better Organize And Play Your Music Al

Check out what is new in the Wotja V19 apps, available Jan 1st ! You can, if you wish, continue your existing subscription s. Their names may change but you will see no change to your existing ‘Wotja X’ V5 functionality. An alternative you may wish to consider is to purchase the ‘Wotja X ‘… Read More »

Portable Esnips Uploader

There exist quite a few different services to download files from eSnips but none of them currently work as eSnips tweaked their system to stop these kinds of direct download link generators, However, I found a workaround to get these existing tools work again with ease. Simply follow the instructions as below for downloading files… Read More »

Licenced Software

There isn’t any transferring of ownership of the good to the user, which hasn’t the warranty of a for life availability of the software, nor isn’t entitled to sell, rent, give it to someone, copy or redistribute it on the Web. License terms and conditions may specify further legal clauses that users can’t negotiate individually… Read More »

Zabbix 2.4.7

You can use these packages to install Zabbix. OS distributions may lack the latest version of Zabbix in their repositiories. Package files are available at repo. A step-by-step tutorial for installing Zabbix from packages is provided here. Index of /zabbix/2.4/rhel/6/x86_64/ So, all the actions we make. The software will record it. Not only we can… Read More »


Pues este programa es una muy buena idea, pero solo se queda en eso, en ser una idea, consume mucha memoria y tiene bastantes errores, como la taskbar cuando esta en la parte superior del monitor, termina detras de las ventanas y es un fastido estarla sacando denuevo, por decir uno de los errores. Pero… Read More »