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Pulmon, Add Windows 8 Like Tiles To Windows 7

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Then however there are the workstations. November 28, – 6 comments Sometimes you may want to protect some files or maybe even just one document from third party access. September 03, – 4 comments Quick Access Bar is a lightweight program for Windows that adds a toolbar with folder links to the top of the… Read More »

Error At Start Platform

However, sometimes, it might cause unnecessary issues with the system. Many users reported that while trying to activate BitLocker , they face the following error: However, to understand better, we need to know the meaning of the terms used in the error message. Trusted Platform Module: Subscribe to RSS Instagram Testing Error Shows Likely Future… Read More »

CleanMyFolder Portable 1.0 Development Test 1

You can also do that if you want Resonic to perform better, regardless of AV bugs. Interface Will you support languages other than English? Yes, absolutely. We plan to make the translation tool available to the public. However, the Beta version is still in a phase where it is still constantly changing, which is why… Read More »

Download TSR Watermark Image Software Portable – A Lightweight And Simple Image Watermarking

The program is ideal if your employees need to add watermark to a picture before uploading it. The software will help you protect your photos from theft or unauthorized use. TSR Watermark is simple and easy to learn, even for inexperienced users. Tsr watermark image software keygen If we want to use the green screen… Read More »