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ColorConsole Improves Windows Command Line In Multiple Ways

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And there is no real need for that anymore on the system as the majority of standard operations can be run right from the graphical user interface instead. ColorConsole is a portable alternative for Windows’ cmd. It is not replacing the default Windows command line tool, but merely providing you with an improved user interface… Read More »

Portable Sidebar App

Share Pin It Side menu is nothing new: Although mobile apps are more accustomed to conventional horizontal navigation since the small size of a screen dictates its own rules , there are good examples of app designs that offer amazing, ably-executed side menus which are not inferior in functionality and interaction to its confrere. Thanks… Read More »

Open Office Presentation Minimizer

Nasril Sany Apache OpenOffice is one of the better-known open source office software suites available. It provides tools for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics and databases. The full Apache OpenOffice suite includes six tools for managing office tasks: Writer, the word processor, can handle anything from writing a quick letter to producing a book. Arch… Read More »

7-Zip 4.62

While delivering state of the art protection from viruses and Trojans the suite also encases protection technologies against online threats and phishing attacks shielding your identity from malicious websites. Its cloud-based engine allows it to gather information on the latest threats thus making sure that your computer is equipped with the appropriate defense against cyber… Read More »

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package X64 Sp1

What is relevant, however, is how much space do these packages require and how easy it is to deploy them on your computer. Re-run the installer as administrator, then click the icon besides ‘Launch’ and choose ‘Repair’ to perform a repair and continue the setup process. It gives you the ability to download multiple files… Read More »