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Screenshoter 1.92

autodesk infrastructure design suite ultimate 2016
Adobe CC All Apps
What’s new in Screenshoter 1. Estonian translation Fixed: No screenshots were taken if the computer wasn’t restarted for about three weeks especially noticeable on Windows 8 Fixed: This is a portable product, so installing Screenshoter is not necessary. It means that you can place it on an external drive, plug it into any computer and… Read More »

Download BASIC-256 – Learn The Basics Of Programming With This Simple BASIC Language And ID

Jean Portalis, Tours, France djibrilla. This paper presents a work inspired by the Pachycondyla apicalis ants behavior for the clustering problem. This behavior has already been applied to optimization, as the API meta-heuristic. API is a shortage of api-calis. Here, we combine API with the ability of ants to sort and cluster. Parallel Processing and… Read More »

Build A Custom Firewall With Fwbuilder

The reason is simple: During these years I’ve not being using the tool regularly since I am not a Network Administrator. But I can say that every time I had a firewalling problem at hand, where I needed to prototype and test iptables configurations quickly, this tool never betrayed me! Firewall consistency with Firewall Builder… Read More »