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Tweet TreeSheets is a freeform data organizer, which developer Wouter van Oortmerssen describes as “the ultimate replacement for spreadsheets, mind mappers, outliners, PIMs, text editors and small databases”. Installation is quick and hassle-free. New documents start with a blank grid. This works much like a spreadsheet, and you can immediately start typing notes or inserting images as required.

TreeSheets: a smarter way to organize your data

This contains all the files needed to build TreeSheets for various platforms. If instead you just want to USE TreeSheets, you may be better off with the binaries available on http: The code is dense, terse, and with few comments, typical for a codebase that was never intended to be used by more than one person me.

On the positive side, you’ll find the code very small and simple, with all functionality easy to find and only in one place no copy pasting or over-engineering. TS is the folder that contains all user-facing files, typically the build process results in an executable to be put in the root of this folder, and distributing to users is then a matter of giving them this folder.

All Platforms: TreeSheets requires wxWidgets 3. Preferrably the last public release, or bleeding edge from https: Make sure your wxWidgets folder sits parallel to the src folder, that way the TreeSheets project will pick it up without further modifications If from git: Select all projects in the solution explorer, and go to properties: If you’ve done the above correctly, TreeSheets will now compile and pick up the wxWidgets libraries.

Using the version of wxWidgets from https: Note that you must currently use an “in tree” build, since TreeSheets will look for its files relative to the binary. Build wxWidgets as follows inside the wxWidgets dir: Note to use the “Archive” operation to create a release executable. I welcome contributions, especially in the form of neatly prepared pull requests. The main thing to keep in mind when contributing is to keep as close as you can to both the format and the spirit of the existing code, even if it goes against the grain of how you program normally.

That means not only using the same formatting and naming conventions which should be easy , but the same non-redundant style of code no under-engineering, e.

Also be economic in terms of features: Needless to say, performance is important too. When in doubt, ask me: Try to keep your pull requests small don’t bundle unrelated changes and make sure you’ve done extensive testing before you submit, preferrably on multiple platforms.

Data organizer that covers spreadsheets, mind mappers, and small databases

TreeSheets is a mashup of many different program types including spreadsheets, mind mappers, outliners, PIMs, text editors and small. TreeSheets is a well-designed and versatile way to organise your data. There’s a lot to learn – if you just need basic todo list management then. Hey, thanks for open sourcing TreeSheets. I forked it[1] some time ago to add localization support (though I also reorganized the code a fair bit.

Treesheets Download for Linux (deb, txz, amd64, i386, i586, x86_64)

Windows only: TreeSheets is a hierarchical notes manager structured like a spreadsheet. Although it sounds unwieldy, it’s surprisingly easy to create and arrange structured notes, to-do lists, and more. Advertisement At first glance, TreeSheets looks like a spreadsheet application. The cells in TreeSheet, however, are designed with text in mind, and the application effectively handles all that text in each cell.

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This contains all the files needed to build TreeSheets for various platforms. If instead you just want to USE TreeSheets, you may be better off with the binaries available on http:

WATCH VIDEO: TreeSheets – The Portable Freeware Collection

You have searched for packages that names contain treesheets in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. Found 2 matching packages. Update to version Changelog: /compare/c5fb4d0 44faa84 PR: Submitted by: lightside (maintainer). Download the latest version of TreeSheets free. You can use TreeSheets as a replacement for various programs, like text or spreadsheet editors, mind mapping .

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