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Fix Windows 10 Visual Style 3. Bug fixed – login hang issue 3. Add a setting to allow disable default time selection 2.
Xin Invoice

Download Xin Invoice for Windows 7

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Adobe Acrobat XI Pro
Fix Windows 10 Visual Style 3. Bug fixed – login hang issue 3. Add a setting to allow disable default time selection 2. Bug Fix: Not able to calculate total Credit Note amount for customer 3. Include the following date format: Bug fix: Draft Credit Note should not exist in Report 4. Balance amount in Customer page should deduct Credit Note amount 3.

Make the popup inventory search screen re-sizable 2. Include import Inventory Category in Inventory import function. Include import Payment Terms in Customer import function. Add in Thai language 3. Update template price to USD20 3. Add filtering to search record by item description – for Quotation, Invoice and Credit Note.

Adjust the splash screen object 3. Handle proxy server setting when calling web service 2. Announcement does not include some of the newly included language Croation 3. Ref Code – able to set number length to 1 or 2 5, Enlarge edit column for Note 3. Include Croatian language hrvatski 3. Add in Code Signature 3. Add Xin Cube Announcement 3. Change the label of “Developed by” 2.

When create new by using “Copy from Database”, the “Date”, “Shipping Date” and “Due By” should be current date instead of the date of original document.

Add “Sort By” option to all Reports 3. When doing Backup, make “Database” as compulsory option. In Template preview page, by default all custom template should shows Signature. Update some words for Dutch 5. Include pre-requisite in Setup file 3. Need to include Dutch and Indonesian in the setup file 3. Update purchase link URL 2. Fix some language problem 3. Auto Updater: Enable “Summary” property in Report Designer 3.

Make Inventory link more obvious in Feedback page. Change the message on Feedback form. Tax Summary report should deduct the Credit Note tax amount 3. Refine Xin Updater – add a link to allow user download patch file manually. Allow enter negative cost and price for Inventory 5. Include Dutch language 6. Include B. Indonisia 7. Refine some Slovenian language 8. Not able to send quotation email for email that require SSL 3.

Add in “Quotation for this Customer” in customer page 4. Include Auto Updater 3. Change “Sales” in Spanish 2. Add Xin Cube Support link at Feedback form 3. Credit Note filter by Code hit error 2. By mistake the Slovak language was not included in the setup 3. Change some words in Slovak language 3. Include Japanese and Sloval language 3. Company Phone and Fax – set to 50 character in length. Create new company using Wizard, the tax method must pre select 4.

After wizard, need to refresh company listing page 5. Do not apply Language to customized template. For new document, or document without item, system will add 2 empty rows to the detail datagrid – do not know the reason, if only 1 row, will hit datagrid error and program terminated when user enter data to the last empty row.

Bug fix duplicate tax amount when select multi inventory at a time. Include Spanish 2. Recurring invoice – incorrect total in Invoice Item 3. Check during registration, if user click button several times will it register several times also?

If yes, then disable the button once it was clicked. Upload Photo for Customer, Sales and Inventory. Redo Invoice Payment Status by Keith 2. Invoice Template 1 – Discount column displayed wrongly. Enable multi-language 3. Add a Percentage discount to items of invoices 2. Multiple tax code to each Invoice items. Fisrt login Demo 4. In Xin Cube Login web service, pass back the version information.

Add Online Demo link in Setup. Import Customer and Inventory from excel file 4. Company setup wizard in setup module. Add “due date” field to invoice template editor 6. If template page, or any report is openned, then the company logo file will be hold, and not able to update the company logo from company page. Import Credit Note from Invoice 9. Customer page – should not include deleted, draft and void invoices when calculating the total Print PAID watermark for paid invoice Allow easily add new customer, contact Have a margin percentage in Inventory.

When change the margin percentage, the cost will be auto calculated based on unit price. Obfuscator and change DB password 3. Steve 2. Des Payet 3. Allow modification on Due Date it will still default calculated from Payment Terms 2. Modify “Select multiple inventory” and make it using the checkbox component like in same like “Show Recurring” page.

Add record number in all template 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 2. Allow multiple selected at once in Find Inventory page. Default Tax bind to each Inventory 6.

Bug – fix “Object dost not set to a reference” error when click or double click on empty datagrid 3. Printing Page Size 2.

Add Registration No to Template 7. Add Tax Number to Customer 3. Statement – do not include draft Credit Note in Statement 2. Statement – add summary current, 30 days.. Statement – add option to choose view Detail or Summary 4.

Restore if no password, prompt message 6. Change Overdue Invoice tab header caption, previously show Unpaid Invoice 3.

Publisher review for Xin Invoice update information of Xin Invoice full version periodically using publisher pad file, so some information may be slightly out-of-date. CHARGEin respect of certain preferred shares ofUXIN LIMITEDTHE TAKING OR .. immediately upon receipt of the same from the Companies Registry in Hong. Branch invoice(Chinese Edition)(Old-Used) pdf epub ebooks download free, Shanghai the song total 12 once let(Chinese . DA XING YI SHU PIN PAI MAI HUI last download was at

Download Xin Invoice for Windows 7 – Useful invoicing system that can help you ma

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We can also share the videos is any popular video format on the web. We can also do it with a few clicks. Mirillis Action has green screen feature.

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